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جراحی لابیاپلاستی


Beauty is an instinctual desire and natural desire in every human being that must be achieved in order to create a sense of satisfaction in the individual. This feeling can be relieved like any other feeling, such as thirst by drinking. But it’s hard for many women to talk about problems and illnesses.

It is interesting to know that you can solve the appearance and beauty problems of your genital area and its effect on your sexual issues with a gynecologist.

The genital area consists of two internal and external parts, and labiaplasty surgery is performed on the external genitalia. The external genitalia consist of two parts, the labia majora and the labia minora. The labia majora is where hair grows and the labia minors are the inner flesh.

The beauty of the genital area is relative and often lobbies do not have a specific shape. It is interesting to know that the shape of the labia in the genital area of ​​each person is different, but sometimes lobbies are abnormally larger than usual and with wrinkles. It is asymmetrical and dark in color, and such issues can cause problems in terms of beauty and appearance, health and even sexual issues. These factors can also lead to multiple fungal infections and painful sex. Typically, people with these problems are bothered by wearing tight clothing. All of this allows you to see a gynecological cosmetic surgeon to repair and perform labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty surgical methods

Labiaplasty can be repaired in several ways. Labiaplasty can usually be performed with both surgery and laser. Labiaplasty is usually performed under both anesthesia and local anesthesia. It is important to know that the choice of surgery depends on the patient’s condition, and the results of cosmetic surgery have been successful in both surgery and laser.

Labiaplasty surgery

Labiaplasty surgery is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The patient will not feel any pain during the surgery. In labiaplasty surgery, the number of stitches is higher than in laser labiaplasty, but in this procedure, the stitches are applied to the inside of the edges, which is not visible.

Labiaplasty surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis and the patient can be discharged from the hospital after a few hours.

Laser labiaplasty

There is no need for medical advice before laser labiaplasty. Laser labiaplasty is performed only through local anesthesia using ointment and intravenous injection. It is important to note that this cosmetic procedure is not recommended for people who are very anxious, because it is possible that the person will feel a slight pain during the laser.

Laser labiaplasty is a very common cosmetic procedure, but the choice of the patient should be made at the discretion and discretion of the obstetrician.

Laser labiaplasty does not usually require suturing, but if there is a need for sutures at some point, a few small sutures will be placed on the edges of the genital area that will be visible. It should be noted that sutures are absorbed in both methods of labiaplasty surgery after one week, after which time the sutures fall off and will not cause any problems for the person.

Postoperative care of labiaplasty

In both cases of labiaplasty, it is important to follow some of the recommendations, and the patient should listen to them. Here are some tips and tricks after surgery.

intercourse sex

The patient should avoid certain activities after the operation, have no sexual contact at all, and avoid sexual intercourse for six weeks, as this area is delicate and may cause sutures and bleeding to open.

Performing sports and non-sports activities

Heavy sports and non-sports activities are prohibited after labiaplasty for six weeks.

Also performing activities such as; Cycling, motorcycling, strenuous activities and smoking, should be banned for six weeks.


The patient should rest for a week to ten days after this surgery. If the person is working, avoid standing for long periods of time, as standing will prevent the sutures from being absorbed and will lead to swelling in the suture area.

taking medication

The use of topical ointments after surgery to sorption sutures is prescribed by a gynecological cosmetic surgeon.

Laser labiaplasty patients may experience a burning sensation after a few days that using topical creams and painkillers will be effective in treating the condition and will not be a problem for the patient.

Healthy diet

Healthy eating is very effective in improving the healing process and can heal surgical wounds sooner, so don’t forget to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to repair the surgical area.


It is very important to observe the hygiene and washing of this area. Try to dry the genital area after washing to prevent fungal infections.

The genital area is a sensitive area and you should be careful not to bleed and open the sutures, as this can lead to problems for the patient.

There is a possibility of hematoma and blood clots after surgery. However, it can be a problem for the patient, but if you listen to the advice of your obstetrician and follow the necessary recommendations before and after, this is possible to reduce it and get good results.

Is it possible to perform labiaplasty surgery with other surgeries?

One of the most common questions among women is whether it is possible to have simultaneous surgery. It should be noted that it is possible to perform labiaplasty simultaneously with other cosmetic surgeries. Sometimes when you see a gynecologist for labiaplasty and counseling, there may be problems with the labia majora, which can lead to wrinkles and fat atrophy.

In these cases, people can inject the gel into the major Labia at the same time as the laser labiaplasty, or if they have labiaplasty surgery, they can inject the fat into the labia major at the same time, which makes the patient’s genital area look completely smooth. Be and look beautiful.

Sometimes labiaplasty is recommended at the same time as whitening the genital area. People who have laser labiaplasty in their office can whiten their genitals while having labiaplasty.

Disadvantages and complications of labiaplasty surgery

Labiaplasty is an uncomplicated cosmetic procedure, but like any other cosmetic surgery, it can have complications. Performing labiaplasty with any of the methods requires care and medical advice. In order to prevent complications such as post-surgery infections, you should listen to the advice of your obstetrician.

The recovery period for labiaplasty

The recovery period for labiaplasty varies depending on how it is performed. It is important to know that the original shape of the labia is determined by surgery after a month and a half, but in the case of laser swelling, the tissue takes longer to determine the original shape, but usually the appearance of the genital area after two or three months It is determined.

What causes lobbies to change shape?

One of the factors that can cause labia to grow is genetics. During puberty, lobbies show their original form, for example, excessive size and asymmetry in puberty.

You need to know that having sex and friction will not make labia grow up. But know that any factor that changes hormones, such as pregnancy and delivery, can cause labia to change shape.

Finally, it can be said that hormonal factors such as puberty, pregnancy and delivery can cause the labia to grow too much, but there is no other factor that can cause the labia to grow and change shape.

After labiaplasty, there will be no deformity in the labia at all. As mentioned, unless the levels of hormones in the body rise and the person becomes pregnant, there is a possibility of deformation in the labia.

Appropriate age to perform labiaplasty surgery

Labiaplasty surgery has no age limit and can be performed at any age. However, this surgery should be performed after puberty and growth. Therefore, labiaplasty surgery can be performed after the age of eighteen, and this surgery can be performed until the age of sixty.

Is labiaplasty surgery possible during breastfeeding?

It is not forbidden to have labiaplasty surgery during breastfeeding, but it is important to follow the care recommendations. It is important to know that after delivery, all women are advised not to have any surgery on the genital area so that the hormonal changes that took place during pregnancy are gradually eliminated and the swelling of the pregnancy disappears and the genital area returns to its previous shape. Until the surgery is done in the best way and we can achieve the best result.

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