Vaginal darkening

Vaginal darkening is one of the problems that has affected many women. Because the amount of darkness in this area is different and more than the rest of the body. These blemishes may be seen during childbirth or laser hair removal. This darkening is annoying for many women. The extent and cause of vaginal and labia darkening are not exactly known, but it is natural. There are various causes for vaginal darkening, but there is nothing to worry about.

The cause of vaginal darkening

All women have darkening of their vagina. Only the amount and cause of this darkness are different. Some of these causes are:

* Inheritance

* Hormonal changes after delivery

* age increasing

* Bacterial infection in the vaginal area.

Women who live in areas of the world that are considered dark-skinned are more likely to whiten their vagina and suffer from vaginal darkening. They can also whiten the vagina in women who experience hormonal changes during pregnancy and delivery or age, which can cause vaginal darkening.

Why does the genital area turn black?

The vagina in women has different colors. However, women believe that vaginal darkening is due to poor hygiene or infection in this area. But it must be said that this is not the case at all. The cause of genital warts is very different.

The first cause of genital darkening is genital irritation. At this time, due to the fact that blood flow in the genital area increases, darkening of this area is normal and natural. Darkening of the irritated areas of the female genital area, as well as internal labia that may change color during increased sexual arousal, this causes darkening of the genital area. After orgasm, the color of the vagina turns white again.

However, darkening of the genital area has a variety of causes, which vary from person to person, and can lead to low Self Confidence in women.

Causes of genital darkening

There are several reasons for darkening and darkening of various parts of the body, including the genital area. Here are some common causes of genital warts.

* age increasing

* Permanent use of talcum powder

*Diseases such as Cushing’s disease and acromegaly

* Skin disorders

* Liver disease

* Diseases of the intestine

* Disorders of the adrenal glands

* Excessive production of melanin pigment

* Genetics

* Hormonal imbalance

* Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

* Infection

* Malnutrition or deficiency of some vitamins

* Obesity

* Polycystic ovary syndrome

* Genital hair cut

* Use some creams, soaps, body shampoos and other health products

* Wear tight clothing and underwear made of synthetic materials

What can be done to whiten the vagina?

 There are several ways to whiten your vagina today. One of the measures used today is laser whitening of the vagina.

The effect of vaginal opacity on women’s quality of life

Darkening of the vagina has no negative effect on a person’s health, but it does affect a person’s private and personal life. Many women with dark vaginas experience stress and anxiety during their first sexual intercourse. This makes it difficult for them to continue their relationship and reduce their quality of life. That’s why many people today turn to doctors and gynecologists for treatment of vaginal darkening so they can help.

Vaginal whitening

Various methods are common and have involved many women. Women try a variety of home remedies, medications, and surgeries to whiten their vaginas. Some of these people may not get the result they want. The use of these substances and items in the vagina may also cause compensatory or even irreparable complications due to the sensitivity of this area. That’s why gynecologists and beauticians have decided to use lasers to whiten the vagina for women.

Laser vaginal whitening

To whiten the vagina with a laser, the energy of the photons sent by the laser to evaporate the dark layers of the skin is done without scratching or damaging the skin structure. In this process, laser whitening is performed on the vagina, whitening the skin and around the vagina. The only reason for this change is the increase in collagen production in the skin. This process takes about 5 days. After whitening the vagina with a laser, the specialist prescribes creams to improve this opacity. These creams should be used for 15 days.

These creams can be used easily and at rest and sleep for 30 minutes. For whitening of the inner lobes of the vagina, about 15-20 minutes, and for external lobes of 45-50 minutes, creams should be placed on the skin. This program may continue for a month.

Laser vaginal whitening is a very successful treatment for whitening the vagina and reducing vaginal opacity. This method is very safe, effective and easy to achieve the desired result. One of the reasons why many women try to whiten their vagina with a laser is that it is a painless procedure that can be done in the shortest possible time and the person can perform their daily activities immediately after the laser.