Vaginoplasty is a vaginal tightening surgery that is performed after childbirth or aging. What is certain is that after this operation, the person will feel better about his sexual intercourse because his self-confidence in front of his wife will increase and even the person’s sense of pleasure and reaching orgasm will increase.

Vaginoplasty is an operation performed to beautify and repair the vagina and its mucous walls. Vaginal cosmetic surgery is a set of various procedures, the most common of which are:

* Vaginoplasty vaginal tightening and beauty

* Vaginal lip prolapse (vaginal lift)

* Labiaplasty surgery (Beauty of Small Lips)

* The operation of enlarging the labia majora

* Liposuction with G-Spot Augmentation (Inject fat into large lips)

Narrowing of the vagina

Frequent births and aging can cause the vagina to dilate, resulting in dissatisfaction with intercourse sex. The surgery of tightening the vagina allows couples to have more fun during intercourse sex. Vaginal tightening is done with a laser or surgery. The gynecologist may tighten the vagina by giving a few stitches during a normal delivery or cesarean section. Be careful that if these stitches are too much, the woman will feel pain during sexual intercourse, so the patient should be very careful in choosing a gynecologist. This method uses general or local anesthesia, which takes about an hour. Some genital disorders, including urinary incontinence, are also treated. And the patient can have intercourse sex after four weeks.

Shrink small vaginal lips (labiaplasty)

The large volume of the small lips causes dissatisfaction and pain for many women. Frequent births and congenital disorders can cause small lips to enlarge. In this method, the volume of the small lips is returned to normal using labiaplasty. This is a simple procedure that usually does not require general anesthesia or suturing. The recovery period of this disease is very short.

Enlarge or shrink large vaginal lips

As a result of aging or sudden weight loss or repeated births, large lips shrink and lose their beauty. Fat injections can cause vaginal beauty is usually taken from the patient’s own body fat.

In some cases, the large lips are very large, which causes discomfort and pain to the patient. Reducing the large lips with surgery can restore and beautify the genitals.

Before vaginoplasty

* The patient should make sure that she is not pregnant before having a vaginoplasty.

* If there is any vaginal disease, the patient must inform his doctor.

* Avoid smoking for at least 2 weeks before surgery. Smoking prolongs the recovery period.

* Avoid taking blood thinners medication such as aspirin for at least a week before surgery.

* Avoid sexual intercourse the night before the operation.

* This procedure usually does not require general anesthesia, but it is recommended that you avoid eating and drinking for at least 12 hours before the operation.