Today, one of the hot and common topics that has become very popular among women is vaginal cosmetic surgery. This is very gratifying because all women have the right to know about their bodies and decide to have surgery, but in the past it was not the case that most women did not know about it, and this was a taboo and a woman about the vagina. He had no right to think or talk about vaginal cosmetic surgery.

 If the genital area needs beauty and structure to be thought about and its problems to be solved, because if the problems of the genital area are not treated, it can cause bigger problems for the person.

Today, due to the huge wave of information that human beings can obtain through social networks, books, educational sites, etc., this will increase the level of awareness in all people, especially women.

In the past, not even a woman dared to think about herself in terms of genital problems, even if in terms of sexual issues such as; Sexual desire and orgasm had problems, she could not share those issues with anyone, not even his wife, and she had no information about which doctor to go to.

Today, the female genital area has been dubbed the second face. In fact, stating this shows the importance of health and beauty in this area. As much as a person strives to make their face more beautiful. In the same way, you can try to beautify your genital area and try to solve the problems of this area.

It is interesting to know that not only sexual relations and sexuality are discussed, but also many things such as health, beauty and even people’s feelings can be improved by treating those problems.

It is worth noting that although the range of information is large, you can also get incorrect information. In many sources, which may be in the form of text, video, or even a person’s speech, all of this can be misleading. That’s why you have to be vigilant.

Sometimes a person may go to a person to treat genital problems who may be unprofessional and not proficient enough, as mentioned, the genital area is the same as the second face if treated without special treatment or surgery can have irreparable consequences for people, so before you start, first get enough information about the doctor and make sure you know who you are getting the information from.

Vaginal cosmetic surgery is just as important as facial cosmetic surgery. Just as you should consult with several doctors before having cosmetic facial surgery, it is better to consult with several doctors for vaginal cosmetic surgery, so that you can proceed with open vision and Don’t leave your medicine and go to any doctor to perform the surgery with ease. Don’t forget that not every surgery will be 100% effective and there will be a possibility of complications, but in order to prevent the complications of surgery, be sure to be sufficient careful in choosing your doctor.

Women’s cosmetic surgery

Vaginal anatomy

The vagina is the inside of the genital system, while some people may call the vagina the outside of the genital area. If, scientifically and medically, the inner part of the female genital area is the vaginal area, which includes the inner tube of the body and this tube connects the outer part to the uterus and it is called the vaginal tube.

In the vaginal tube, sexual intercourse takes place and the fetal head comes out of this tube, which is called the vagina.

The outer part of the genital area is visible and consists of several parts; The entrance to the vagina is the labia, which are divided into the labia major and the minor, and the other part of the external genitalia, including the clitoris. Therefore, the female genital area consists of four parts; The inner area of ​​the vagina is the outer area of ​​the labia, the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina.

Causes of vaginal dilation

Each of these areas may need treatment in terms of beauty and health. The vaginal area is the area where sexual intercourse takes place and is the most affected area for sexual intercourse and is very important for men and women because of the transmission of sexual sensation.

One of the problems of women is dilation of the vaginal area, in which case the sexual partner may think that the vagina is loose or dilated.


One of the factors influencing the dilation of the vagina is genetics, which means that the vaginal tube is slightly more genetically and congenitally larger. Vaginal tube enlargement is more common in some breeds. Some breeds will have a wider vagina and others will have a darker vagina.

Natural delivery

The most important cause of vaginal dilation is a history of natural delivery, but it is important to know that some people with a history of cesarean delivery still have problems with vaginal dilatation, which can have genetic causes.

Hormonal changes

Another factor influencing vaginal dilation is hormonal changes such as delivery, especially natural delivery.

age increasing

Aging is one of the factors that can cause changes in vaginal tissue and cause it to lose its firmness and its initial state over time.

intercourse (Sex)

It is interesting to know that if there is a lot of sexual intercourse, this factor will cause the vagina to get out of its original state and become a little wider.

What is gynecological cosmetic surgery?

Gynecological cosmetic surgery includes surgery on the outside and vaginal surgery. Vaginal cosmetic surgery is divided into three types of surgery, which include labiaplasty, fat injection into the labia, and clitoris surgery. It is interesting to know that the most common type of cosmetic surgery for women is labiaplasty.

Internal vaginal cosmetic surgery is performed to Collagen production the tissue and tighten the vagina, which can return the vagina to normal size.

Types of vaginal cosmetic surgery

Vaginal beauty is done in different ways, the type of choice of vaginal cosmetic surgery varies depending on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s discretion. Join us to better understand the methods of vaginal beauty.

Laser vaginal beauty

Women’s beauty laser is one of the best treatment options to stimulate collagen production in the underlying tissues and connective tissues, which increases the strength of the tissue, but women’s beauty laser will not be effective in tightening the vagina.

Women’s beauty laser creates new cells, which makes it a wave to improve the sensation and blood supply to the vaginal area.

Genital rejuvenation with Mona Lisa Touch laser

Vaginal beauty with RF

One of the beauty methods is RF, which can be helpful. The type of cosmetic procedure is determined by the individual’s condition.

Narrowing the vagina with Mariana pills

Today, the use of pills called Mariana has become very common, but according to research, people who have taken these pills have not been able to have sex after a while. Because this pill causes chemical changes in the vaginal area, it is very difficult to treat and it is better to research it before doing any procedure.

Tightening the vagina with surgery and laser

If the vaginal opening is very wide and open, surgery is the best option. Normally, extra tissue is removed in surgery and repaired, but if the vaginal opening is not too wide and the opening is just a change in pregnancy hormone, laser treatment is the best option, because this opening makes sense reduce the area, which makes men and women feel tight by laser treatment.

Postoperative care Narrowing of the vagina

Typically, vaginal tightening is a cosmetic surgery that lasts two hours and can be performed under both anesthesia and local anesthesia. The Duration of hospitalization will be one night, after which the patient can be discharged and the patient should avoid strenuous activity and sexual intercourse for about 40 days.


The outer genital area consists of labia, and if these labia are too large, treatment can be performed surgically in the operating room, RF, and laser. The choice of treatment depends on the individual’s physical condition and the doctor’s discretion.

The external genitalia include the labia majora and the minor. The labia minora is the outer fleshy part of the body that can change shape due to genetics, hormone secretion during pregnancy, and hormonal changes during pregnancy, causing it to grow and enlarge.

Sometimes there are so many problems with the disease that it is preferable for the patient to undergo general anesthesia and surgery in the operating room, but if the problem of lobbies is not great, this problem can be solved in a laser office.

It is interesting to know that the choice of treatment and beauty method is chosen depending on the doctor’s opinion, the patient’s condition and consultation with the patient. The cosmetic procedures are temporary and reversible, but this is not the case with labia minor cosmetic surgeries, because about two to three inches of tissue is removed during surgery, so the tissue will no longer grow, so do not worry about labiaplasty surgery, because the tissue will not return after surgery.

Interestingly, the majority of people think that friction and masturbation can lead to the growth of lobbies, but the growth of lobbies occurs only due to hormonal and genetic changes.

The labia majora is the outer part of the genital area where excess hair grows. The labia majora are made up of adipose tissue. Many factors can affect this area and reduce adipose tissue.

One of the most important factors in reducing fat tissue in the labia majora is weight loss. Because by reducing fat, the fat in all areas of the body is reduced, and in addition to reducing adipose tissue, it can cause Loosening and sagging skin in this area.

Aging, pregnancy and delivery are some of the factors that cause wrinkles in this area, and this can affect the amount of fat in this area and cause it to change compared to the original state.

The entrance to the vagina can be seen through an examination, and a vaginal delivery is one of the factors that affects the entrance to the vagina, causing the area to loosen and become abnormal. It is interesting to know that the vaginal entrance area affects the sexual sensation, if this area is loosening, it can affect the sexual sensation of men and women and reduce the sexual sensation. Vaginal loosening is usually caused by delivery and aging.

If you have these problems, don’t worry because all of these problems can be treated. Before having cosmetic surgery, you can first consult with a gynecological cosmetic surgeon, and after the necessary examinations, choose the best treatment method and treat.

Postoperative care of labiaplasty

Once the patient has undergone labiaplasty surgery, there will usually be no need for hospitalization and the patient can return to her place of residence after the surgery. But it’s best to get enough rest for a week and avoid driving activities such as standing for long periods of time. One of the things to keep in mind is to avoid strenuous exercise and sex.

Narrowing of the vaginal opening

Before having cosmetic vaginal surgery, the cause of vaginal loosening and sagging should be checked first. If you have a history of natural delivery, the vaginal tissue may rupture from the inside of the vagina, destroying the collagen in the inner area and rupturing the fascia, this can loosen the vagina.

The entrance to the vagina can be seen through an examination. The condition of this area is very effective on sexual sensation in men and women and has the highest sexual sensation in women. Natural delivery and aging are some of the factors that can cause the vaginal entrance to become abnormal and loosen. If you have this problem, you can treat it and improve your and your partner’s sexual feelings.

It is worth to mention that if you have such a problem, you can consult a gynecological cosmetic surgeon before you decide to seek treatment, and after the necessary examinations, the best treatment for the person will be decided and selected.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that if you have a history of natural delivery, it will cause the vaginal and fascia tissue to rupture from the inside and destroy the internal collagen. It is interesting to know that the area that is torn, even if it is sutured, will remain loose in the underlying tissues and you will lose the tissue supporting your vagina. Therefore, most people who have had a natural delivery are more likely to have vaginal firm tissue repair, this is not likely to be the case for everyone, and the person must first be examined to determine the treatment according to the patient’s condition.


The clitoris is the part of the external genitalia in which the skin is called the clitoris. If the extra skin in this area is removed, you can help increase sexual desire, which can be done in two ways in the office and operating room.

Injecting fat into the vagina

The external genitalia are composed of labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. If the labia majora adipose tissue is destroyed, fat injection is the best treatment. It is important to know that fat injections should be performed in a completely sterile environment and it is best not to inject fat into the office.

The cost of fat injection in the hospital will be a little higher because fat injection is a two-step cosmetic procedure that is the first step in extracting fat from the body itself and is done after the preparation process for fat injection into the vaginal area.

You need to know that the areas of the body where fat is extracted will feel discomfort and pain after the operation. Fat injections performed excellent in terms of beauty to get rid of clutter you don’t need, and sometimes it can be done in two to three steps, because it absorbs some of the fat and eventually the amount of fat that remains will be proportional to your body’s needs.

Vaginal beauty with thread

Vaginal beauty threads come in many forms. Some of these threads will be volumizing and others will be lifting, which is commonly used for the face. These types of thread can be used to increase the size of labia majora, but the amount of yarn must be very large, and this method of beauty is expensive.

If some centers charge less, don’t go there just because of the price reduction, because the beautiful yarns that are made in reputable countries are usually of good quality and will cost a lot and have very few side effects, so do not use any thread.

Beauty threads are good beauty methods, but their durability will not be very long and the maximum durability of beauty threads will be about a year and a half, because the threads are absorbed after a while and the condition they have after a while from It disappears and only a few percent remains.

Beauty thread, like fat injections, are not a 100 percent permanent cosmetic procedure and will need to be repeated.

Gel injection into the vagina

Another method of vaginal beauty is gel injection. It will be possible to inject gel into the genital area, but injecting gel into the genital area is different from injecting facial gel, and it will not be aesthetically pleasing. If your surgery is performed by a skilled gynecological cosmetic surgeon, you do not need to be afraid of this surgery.